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AK & Associates, Inc. offers a full stable of rehabilitation and renovation services designed for both residential and commercial properties. In addition to handling all building maintenance and repair, along with preventive maintenance programs, we also handle all aspects of construction management for building renovations. We will work with you on the best course of action including both short and long-term goals, given both the property and the audience, allowing us to attract the right kind of attention and position you for success.

Multi Unit Residential Redevelopment: Before
Multi Unit Residential Redevelopment: After

Multi Unit Residential Redevelopment

Project Sold For $3,300,000.00
Korea Town, Los Angeles

AK & Associates, Inc. were exclusively retained by the seller of three residential homes to maximize it’s value. Based on the zoning and creatively combining three properties AK & Associates, Inc. successfully consummated a deal with a local developer whose vision to redevelop this parcel were brought to life making this a very profitable project for the seller and the new developer. Just another success story.